Commencing Commerce…Safely

Hawaii businesses are eager to get back to work. Business operations can and should return to a sustainable level without jeopardizing employees’ or customer safety. We’ve compiled guides, downloadable signage and other resources to help local businesses turn the lights back on and protect their employees and customers.

The Chamber’s 5-Point Plan to Economic Recovery

Prioritizing Safety

Business operations can and should return to a sustainable level without jeopardizing employee’s or customer safety.

Local PPE Resources

We are compiling a list of companies who are offering personal protective equipment to Hawaii businesses. If you want to add your business to this list, please fill out the contact form below.

Hand Sanitizer & Masks

Wilson Care Group

Occupancy & Temperature Monitoring

Alert Alarm Hawaii

Sneeze Guards

Window Solutions Hawaii




Home Service Provider Guidelines
Salon, Spa, Wellness Guidelines

Communicating Confidence in Commerce

Keeping employees and customers informed can keep them feeling confident that a business is working to protect their best interests.

Download Tips for Preparing for a Safe Return to Work
Download Tips for Event Planning in a COVID-19 Environment
Download Poster on Safe Handwashing
Download Poster on Guidelines for Customers & Guests

Advocating for Policy Solutions

The Chamber is focused on both immediate relief  measures and a long-term plan to facilitate recovery.

  • Suspension/Deferment/Relief of GET and other tax collections
  • Delaying Estimated Q1 and if needed Q2 income tax payments
  • Not penalizing any small businesses for failure to make timely GET payments provided that the failure is due to a lack of resources due to COVID-19.
  • Property Tax relief
Loans & Grants for Businesses
  • Low or zero-interest loans 
  • Direct Capital Infusion 
  • State funded grant/microgrant programs to support local businesses and help to support them over the next few weeks.
  • Government-backed zero-interest bridge loans to businesses.
  • Flexibility for Economic Development incentive agreements currently in place or grants in the future.
Other Proposals for Assistance
  • Allow SNAP recipients to use their benefits at restaurants currently open.
  • Shorten or waive certain timelines from state permitting process in order to help expedite shovel ready projects ready to go.
  • Support of childcare services for essential workers.

Building Pathways to the Future

Workforce development and education goals, and bridging business with education are more relevant and necessary than ever as they represent pathways to stability and prosperity.

Hawaii Is Hiring

Lead public-private collaborative effort to launch new website that co-locates employment and training resources for dislocated workers as well as employers that are hiring

Onramps for Seniors

Support University of Hawaii Community College’s virtual Onramps program that supports high school seniors’ successful transition into education, training or employment.

Promising Credentials in Hawaii

Conduct study to identify most promising Industry-Recognized Credentials in Hawaii using labor market data and employer input.

Virtual work-based learning opportunities through Career Chats

Support student career and technical education by recruiting Hawaii professionals to offer live online career chats.

FAFSA Completion

Support Hawaii P-20’s efforts to ensure Hawaii families complete the FAFSA to maximize funding for college.

Sector Partnerships

Convene healthcare and engineering sector leaders to support COVID response efforts, including training/retraining opportunities in healthcare and student career pathway development in engineering.

Think Local First

Show your support for our local businesses and help them to continue to serve our communities now and in the future.

One808 Initiative - Providing Hope for Hawaii Businesses

Apply for Assistance

Businesses can apply for assistance through the following programs:

Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund
  • ONE-TIME reimbursement for expenses up to $10,000 to each qualified business that have less than $2,000,000 in gross annual revenue and 50 or fewer employees (once awarded a grant, a business cannot reapply).

  • Eligible business types:

    • a. Businesses registered with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and sole proprietors

    • b. Non-profit organizations registered with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and designated as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19)

  • An eligible business must actually operate in a physical commercial space. Ineligible businesses include home-based businesses, home offices, and businesses with only a post office box or in-car-of address as its business address. An applicant must have a lease dated prior to March 20, 2020 or own the location from which it conducts its operations.

  • Agricultural businesses are eligible if meeting all qualifications.  Eligibility will be determined by assessing Tax Map Key or leas of Tax Map Key associated with location of business operation.

  • Owner must be Hawaii resident and business must be located in the City and County of Honolulu

  • This is a REIMBURSEMENT program; proof of payment required: receipts, cancelled check, or other proof of payment needed (an unpaid invoice is not proof of payment and does not qualify; taxes other than sales tax on purchases are not reimbursable)

  • Fund will not reimburse payments applied from another Federally-funded CARES Act Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP), Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), etc.

  • The fund can also reimburse expenses incurred to implement physical distancing and other safety precautions to comply with business opening and operating guidelines.

  • Examples of Eligible Expenses:

    • Rent

    • Utilities

    • Payroll

    • Physical Distancing Measures

  • Examples of Safety Precautions:

    • Increasing physical separation between employees at the worksite

    • Increasing physical separation between employees and customers

    • Implementing services remotely (e.g., phone, video, or internet/web)

    • Costs associated with delivering products through curbside pick-up or delivery

    • Provide hand cleansers in the workplace, including alcohol-based hand sanitizer at least 60% alcohol

    • Placing hand sanitizers in multiple locations to encourage hand hygiene.

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