Frequently Asked Questions 

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When information changes on a daily or even hourly basis, keeping up can feel overwhelming. Below is our list of common questions we’re receiving from Hawaii businesses.

How can I prepare my business for COVID-19?
  • Click here for a guide on creating business continuity plans. You should also consider checking your business interruption insurance coverage.
  • Post printable resources from the CDC to ensure that employees are aware of Coronavirus symptoms and prevention measures.
  • Install hand washing or hand sanitizer stations for employees and customers. Review best practices regarding hand washing.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning schedules, especially for common areas or other touch points that are used by many people.
  • Encourage sick employees to stay home and consider measures to separate sick employees from healthy employees. Be a good role model! If you are sick, don’t come to work.
What is the Chamber doing to protect its members?

The Chamber is taking several measures recommended by the World Heath Organization and other health authorities to safeguard attendees and our employees at events. These measures will be reassessed and updated on a continuous basis, so please check individual event listings for details.

  • Encouraging attendees showing signs of illness to stay home.
  • Expanding our video and webinar capability.
  • Requiring registration at all events, in the event attendees need to be contacted after the event.
  • Increasing availability of preventative measures such as hand sanitizer at registration tables for guest to use before entering the event.
  • Limiting events to less than 10 attendees.
  • Posting clear guidance and recommendations on how attendees should interact with one another.
  • Making changes to event venues and seating arrangements to reduce close contact.
  • Utilizing risk assessment measures, in partnership with local and national public health authorities, to restrict, modify, postpone or cancel events.
  • Limiting buffet food and beverage service and, if used, have properly protected, designated staff member serve attendees.
How can I apply for an SBA loan?

Since the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan program should become available in the next week to businesses that are being impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is important to know how you can start preparing today.

There are 3 SBA forms that will be required (SBA Form 5, SBA Form 413, and SBA Form 2202):

  • Loan application (SBA Form 5), completed and signed (this is electronic/online in the portal)
  • Tax Information Authorization (IRS Form 4506-T), completed and signed by each applicant, each principal owning 20 percent or more of the applicant business, each general partner or managing member; and, for any owner who has more than 50 percent ownership in an affiliate business. Affiliates include, but are not limited to, business parents, subsidiaries, and/or other businesses with common ownership or management
  • Complete copies, including all schedules, of the most recently filed Federal income tax returns for the applicant business; an explanation if not available
  • Personal Financial Statement (SBA Form 413) completed, signed, and dated by the applicant, each principal owning 20 percent or more of the applicant business, and each general partner or managing member
  • Schedule of Liabilities listing all fixed debts (SBA Form 2202 may be used)

If your business has been impacted by COVID-19, then these working capital loans of up to $2 million may be just what you need. They can be used to pay fixed debts, payroll and other bills that aren’t being paid because of the disaster’s impact.

Begin preparing your applications now! 

For more information including the forms and how to submit your application, please go to the SBA Disaster Assistance Portal.

My employees are traveling? What do I do?

If you have employees who are traveling to affected areas, your rights as an employer may vary. Read more from ProService Hawaii.

How can I find reliable sources for Coronavirus updates?
How can I support local businesses?

Utilize Takeout or Delivery

Restaurants are launching innovative solutions such as online ordering and curbside pick up. Take advantage of these options to support restaurants.

Search for Event Alternatives

Events have been postponed to avoid large gatherings. However, many local businesses are holding online sales or drive throughs in lieu of in-person events and still need your support.

Stock Up on Games & Entertainment

Think of local businesses when you’re stocking up on games and other activities. Hawaii entrepreneurs have a variety of local-centric games available.

Practice Patience & Aloha 

Hawaii’s community-minded spirit is more important now than ever. Consider increasing tips where you can, donate to local charities, and provide support to local kupuna and other groups who are at greater risk.

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